"Live life to the fullest! This is something that we all aspire to... But how do you succeed to live your dreams when you have a mortgage, kids, and no magic tricks? We are doing it! We are real people, with a real story, and a realistic journey for happiness..."​

Justin and Maud

A La Une

"Me Fix"

This week mommy and I cleaned up some old boxes and I found one with all sorts of electronics. Daddy said that they needed to be fixed or thrown away. Since I hate wasting, I knew what I had to do!
Our Story

A Plan for a Dream

Dreaming is great and of course… everybody can do it! But what turns dreamers, into doers is taking the leap. The only thing that can turn your dreams into reality is action. For that my friends, you need a plan!

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Bébé Luc's corner

“Let me juice”

What a weekend I had! On the weekend, I take a break from school. But learning is still a big part of my day.
This weekend I learned what seems to be my new favorite thing: Making orange juice ALL BY MYSELF!

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Frenchy in USA

The harvest saved us

When life is hectic… It’s so tempting to order your meals at the push of a button and forget about it! As the time went by, we started to pay the price…

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French expat and mom of a toddler, I always believed in the french way of life “vivre au jour le jour”(enjoy each day to the fullest). With my husband Justin, we embarked in the crazy journey of making this lifestyle a reality!

Have you ever wondered how to realize your life dream, with kids, sedentary jobs, and no magic tricks? We are doing it and sharing it all!
We are real people embarking on a real journey for happiness…

A Bientôt!


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The Voyaging Designer

Design Tips

Reclaim Your Master Bedroom

I have 5 tricks that I applied to my room and that I always make sure to bring along in my designs. These tricks are what makes any master bedroom go from a beautiful room…to a RETREAT!

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